Create a Home Gym for Less than $150

Mother Figure workouts are designed so that they can grow with you through your motherhood journey. Once the baby arrives that often means at home workouts.

Thinking of creating an at home workout space can feel overwhelming and expensive!

I am here to eliminate some of that stress and some of the expenses and tell you exactly what you will need for the Mother Figure workouts and get a killer workout from home!

Equipment needed:

If you can’t swing $150 worth of equipment then my top 3 would be:

  1. Yoga Mat
  2. Mini Bands
  3. Set of Medium Dumbbells

I will always have options for no equipment during the workout but remember, this is an investment in yourself and your health. It has a great ROI 😉

Don’t forget to check out our instagram @Mother.Figure to see how I put this equipment to use during a workout!


Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Madison.

And I’m one of those weirdos who loves (loves!) being pregnant.

Okay, I realize pregnancy and postpartum aren’t all sunshine and roses. We all have days when we wonder what we’ve gotten ourselves into. (Hello “morning” sickness and sleep deprivation.)

But I also know this time is so precious. Who knows when, or if, we’ll get to experience it again!

That’s why I’m committed to taking the best care of myself I can—physically, mentally, and emotionally—so I can make the most of every single moment.

I started Mother Figure so you can, too.

Madison Pinebird
certified pre- and postnatal coach, personal trainer, functional strength coach, and sports and exercise nutrition coach

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