Mom Guilt

I am sure you have either heard of or felt mom guilt. Mom guilt can be a very real thing but it doesn’t have to consume you. It truly is a choice!

Yes, it can be amplified by mom shamers, social media and unsolicited comments. *Insert eye roll* These things can start as early as the first trimester.

However, it is your choice what to do with those things.

It all comes down to having confidence in yourself, your intuition and your role as a mom.

Next time you see something that sparks guilt or you get an unsolicited comment, Remind yourself that you are doing an amazing job.

And that there is no better mom for your baby than you. You are LITERALLY made for this. You know how to love your baby best.

You are only ever making decisions that are 100 percent in the best interest of your child.

Yes, getting a workout in IS in their best interest. They are seeing what it looks like when you make yourself and health a priority.  Happy Healthy Mom = Happy Healthy Baby.

Yes, going to work (if you choose) IS in their best interest. They are seeing what hard work and commitment looks like.

Yes, getting a babysitter and going on a date IS in their best interest. They are seeing what a good relationship looks like and what it looks like to love another human.

Whatever your thing is that brings on guilt I can almost guarantee that it actually is in the benefit of the child… maybe not drugs and alcohol … but you get my point!

If the guilt is still present then you need to reframe that thought!

  • You feel guilt because you want to be a good mom and do what is right for your baby.
  • It’s because you care so damn much.
  • Caring makes you a good mom.


I know it’s not always that simple but it can be if you work at it!

Don’t think I never feel mom guilt. I totally do but I know in my bones that I am a good mom so I can brush the guilt off a lot easier and a lot quicker.

You are an incredible mom. I hope you read that and feel it in YOUR bones.

Let me say it louder for the people in the back.

YOU. ???????? ARE. ???????? AN. ???????? INCREDIBLE. ???????? MOM. ????????

Let’s reframe that shame and guilt! Let’s be a community of confident mamas who KNOW they are doing a good job and are free of mom guilt!

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Hi, I’m Madison.

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But I also know this time is so precious. Who knows when, or if, we’ll get to experience it again!

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